@duct.tape.life aka Sophie Csáky

artist from vienna
Künstlerin aus Wien

unique handmade prints in A6, A4 and A3
Einzigartige, handgefertigte Prints in A6, A4 und A3

All illustrations are printed on HAHNEMÜHLE Premium Paper.

Alle Stücke werden auf dem HAHNEMÜHLE Premium Papier gedruckt. 

All illustrations are printed & packed by hand.

Alle Stücke werden von mir per Hand gedruckt und verpackt. Damit erhältst du wirklich ein einzigartiges Stück Kunst.

I offer you limited and exclusive editions. No mass-poster-sale.

Die Stückzahlen sind jeweils begrenzt, sodass du auch wirklich keine Massenproduktion erhältst.

about me / über mich

duct tape life. duct tape life you ask? why duct tape? you know, when I grew up my family used to fix everything with duct tape. and I think there are little things in life you cannot fix. I mean, not fix for perfection, of course, but like you fix the bumper of your car with duct tape so you can go on for the next couple of miles. It's not perfect, it's not meant to be perfect. so duct tape seems to be a metaphor for everything that goes wrong, but can be fixed easily. because, even when the road called life gets tough sometimes, I try finding beauty in it and get high on life. I hope you like the ride and don't forget: you are golden honey. 

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